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Strategy and Transformation Facilitation

Do you want your teams to work in a customer-centric and evidence-guided way?

I bet you do. But as a leader of a medium-sized company or scale-up, chances are

⚡ your people make no reference to the strategy in their argumentation.
⚡ your product managers find it difficult to say no with sound reasoning.
⚡ your teams need a more direct view of how their work adds value.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

The Feature Factory persists as a major challenge for product organizations.
🤯 54% of roadmaps are designed around outputs. Only 44% communicate outcomes (business objectives and product goals).
🤯 Getting cross-functional alignment on product direction is the biggest challenge facing product managers.*

How can you be among those 44% to be confident that the work of your teams creates a positive impact?

This is why I facilitate strategy and transformation workshops

Participating teams get:

  • Clear, measurable goals with a big impact
  • Evidence-based decisions and prioritisation
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Strategy is not a virtue. It’s a set of choices. If you want your product managers to master these skills, let’s talk!

GOALS you aim to achieve

🎯 Your teams iteratively validate your product strategy, contributing to the learning organization.

🎯 Your teams make the impact of your solutions more measurable and clarify your most meaningful success metrics

KEY OUTCOMES I help you attain

1. Customer Empathy & Understanding

Enhance decision-making and problem-solving by developing a deeper understanding of customers for an improved user experience.

2. Alignment & Collaboration:

Foster teamwork and collaboration by ensuring a shared understanding and purpose and involve stakeholders in better understanding prioritization.

3. Evidence-Guided Decision-Making

Prioritize effectively and make strategic choices by improving decision-making through evidence. Reduce risks and guesswork.

4. Clarity & Focus

Concentrate team efforts on clear goals by identifying crucial metrics and addressing high-impact customer opportunities.

How product-led is your company?

3 themes I like to facilitate for you

…to become more customer-centric, evidence-guided and outcome-oriented.

All workshops have a follow-up session to evaluate learning, overcome obstacles, and encourage progress.


Your needs are at the centre of my services.

You get practical examples and actionable advice.

You yield crystal clear and realistic outcomes.


Let’s work together to lead
your strategy to success.