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Leadership Team Development

✔️ Build Trust
✔️ Master Conflict
✔️ Achieve Commitment
✔️ Embrace Accountability
✔️ Focus on Results
✔️ Create Clarity

These behaviors are required to develop a high-performing leadership team. Teamwork is not a virtue. It is a choice. If you want your leaders to master these six behaviors, let’s talk!

I bet you do. But as a Managing Director or Business Unit Head, chances are

❌ your team’s constant tensions and quarrels that affect productivity.
❌ not all team members can deal constructively with disagreements.
❌ team mistrust is inefficient, frustrating and costly.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.
Compared with people at high-trust companies, people at low-trust companies report…

🤯 106% less energy at work
🤯 50% lower productivity
🤯 76% less engagement
🤯 40% more burnout
🤯 74% more stress *

🎯 Cultivate a culture of transparency and trust to minimize politics within the leadership team.

🎯 Establish clear roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes to minimize confusion.

🎯 Promote team cohesion and well-being to maintain high morale among the leadership team.

We experience transformative growth by shedding our ego, embracing vulnerability, and building trust. We foster mutual understanding and gain more profound respect, transparency, and unity within your team.

Embrace productive conflict for truth-seeking. Overcoming artificial harmony fosters confidence, trust, and better decisions. You realize to disagree openly, prevent destructive conflicts, and build lasting respect.

Empower your team through open debate, embracing healthy conflict, and clear agreements. You foster decisive teamwork, ensure commitment and enable leaders to unite for better decisions.

Champion peer-to-peer accountability for effective leadership. Foster courage and devotion in addressing issues and prioritize behavioral accountability for a competitive edge. Embrace self-improvement and team growth.

Maximize team success by prioritizing collective results. Cohesive teams share common goals and work together to overcome challenges. Leaders must prioritize the team’s win over individual or departmental interests.

We answer six critical questions and eliminate discrepancies in your thinking to embody clarity. Why do you exist? How do you behave? What do you do? How will you succeed? What is most important now? Who must do what?

“I’ve come to appreciate Christophs ability to:

  • keep a clear head and ask powerful questions facilitating large and complicated discussions
  • get groups to commit and to follow through,
  • stay authentic and use his charm to overcome power imbalances and speak his truth
  • stay energetic, flexible and adaptable even in view of setbacks
  • relate and empathise with people from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds
  • stay aware of the different personal and group dynamics and place”


“Christoph is no stranger to unite and align different groups into a common goal. He knows how to navigate each other needs and how to associate them in a common objective.“


“From day one, Christoph arrived with his incredible toolkit of workshops and templates and straight away set about working with the team on planning and prioritisation, providing much needed focus and structure. He was instrumental in driving the team forward and his non stop dedication provided them with that focus and direction throughout a very turbulent time for the business.”


“Christoph provided awesome methods, good insights and supported with his team and in person several workshops, team meetings, vision and mission finding and most of all: professional support in making the team efficient and fast scalable.”