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About Pierre Christoph Poyault

Throughout my 14-year career, I have been and am privileged to coach and inspire numerous colleagues and leaders. I have led a multitude of interactive training sessions and workshops for a diverse range of organizations, from start-ups and scale-ups to large corporations. I was Senior Manager, Head of Product Operations, Lead Agile Coach, and Lean Delivery Agent.

My true passion lies in activating product creation leaders and empowering their teams to achieve better outcomes while maintaining a high drive and avoiding burnout. I brighten up your work environment and love sustainably enabling and inspiring teams and individuals.

I completed a one-year coaching training accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2015 and a train-the-trainer training in 2014.

I am an activator who makes things happen by turning thoughts into action. I rally people to get unified around an idea and help them feel that they can move forward.

I am a thematic, quick and strategic thinker. I provide clarity on the why. My ability to see how all the pieces fit together allows me to tie all the individuals into one whole.

I am decisive, direct, clear, logical, persuasive and present. I bring emotional clarity to a team to be realistic and honest. I’m an open book and build trust and clarity with it.

Early in my career, I craved a leader who could not only manage but support, inspire, and motivate me.
This desire ignited a lifelong commitment to seek and embody humane leadership.
It meant a set of qualities like leading by example, envisioning the future, compassion, individual support, fostering group goals, intellectual stimulation, and high-performance expectations.

In my professional journey, I’ve been blessed with great mentors who shared my passion for humane leadership.
They aligned my work with my strengths and interests and inspired me to learn and grow.

This journey has reinforced my belief that leadership is not merely a role but a profound responsibility to uplift and inspire others.
Great leaders impact not only careers but also relationships, individuals, and society.
They are the catalysts for positive change, the heart of every great endeavor. Outstanding leaders touch hearts and change the world.

I’ve lived in Berlin since 2010. I’m an active father of three. I love learning new things and developing myself. Exercise, physical, mental, and emotional, is vital to me, so I practice yoga regularly and play drums. I enjoy experiencing nature and value climate protection.

My values for more strategic work, as well as more customer proximity, led me to product management. Because “nothing is quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.” (Peter F. Drucker)

Product Operations empowers product organizations to collectively, effectively and efficiently drive the most meaningful outcomes for customers. In three ScaleUps and one corporation, I have taught, introduced and improved strategic and customer-centric methods for product strategies, success indicators, product planning, user research and product communication.

In 2023 I co-authored the Product Operations Manifesto.

In my studies, I learned to analyze the design of organizations and their leadership, products, culture and network to uncover and address potential for improvement.

Systems theory literature informed my belief that what is created by people can also be changed, improved, or made more human.

In searching for employers who value people and their productive collaboration, I became a team coach in digital product development.