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Leadership Coaching

✔️ Lead enthusiastically with your authentic leadership model
✔️ Increase persuasiveness and effectiveness
✔️ Resolve conflicts and manage stress
✔️ Promote team performance
✔️ Strengthen motivation

Do you want to master the mindset, healthy habits and skills required to achieve your goals?
You have to take 100% ownership. If you’re ready for that, let’s talk!

I bet you do. But chances are…

🤯 76% of leadership development programs are considered to be unsuccessful.*
🤯 90% of spending on corporate leadership training doesn’t deliver concrete results.**

How can you be among the 24% that are successful?
Or better yet, among the 10% leading effectively to greater results?

🎯 You want to build a strong and effective team that works well and thrives.

🎯 You want to communicate your vision and goals and ensure everyone on the team pulls together.

Success, ease, clarity and lasting motivation are no coincidence but the result of targeted training. I help you to clarify your self-determined goals from the beginning so that they inspire you.

We identify and transform your stress triggers, conflicts and distractions that hinder or slow you down. In this way, you gain greater self-awareness, better stress management and more serenity.

We discover your strengths and work out how to use them even more effectively. We uncover blind spots and patterns to develop a plan with you to increase your effectiveness.

I support you in developing your long-term visions and a viable plan based on your motivations, priorities, values, and strengths. You clarify who you want to become and what you will do next to make that happen.

You learn how to inspire and convince others how to be remembered in the long term and in a positive way. You know how to deepen trusting relationships and how to strengthen your relationships.

Together, we will find your best way to lead your team or department. You will learn how to inspire, stimulate, support, motivate and promote the performance of your colleagues authentically and confidently.

“I really like the approach Christoph took to help me drill deeper into the thought processes and start thinking about them and turn them from a subconscious idea to something that I am aware of and take action about.
Christoph has great coaching skills. I will look forward to the next session and am curious about what else I can unlock and learn.”


“Christoph helped me see my growth potential and knowledge gaps and noticed my strong skills. Christoph’s capability enabled me to find a path forward in my work, keeping the structure, traceability, and accountability of the agreed actions.”


“Christoph’s standout ability was his instinctual talent for coaching. His regular, growth-oriented one-on-ones were a testament to his ability to foster talent. Each session transcended current projects and focused on cultivating skills, fostering personal ambitions, and crafting individual development plans. He intuitively recognized each individual’s unique potential and was dedicated to helping them achieve it. (…) His strategic acumen, coupled with his innate ability to cultivate talent, makes him an exemplary candidate for any coaching role. His passion for personal growth and intrinsic leadership capabilities are invaluable assets that will surely enrich those lucky enough to learn from him.”



You book a non-binding exploration call.
When booking, you are welcome to let me know the needs, questions or challenges you are facing. We get to know each other in a 20-minute conversation. We explore your situation, and I answer your questions about coaching with me. We’ll be sure to find out if you’re good with me.


If we are a “match,” I offer you a free 60-minute trial coaching session. Together, we will develop a clear and motivating coaching goal and first implementation steps. This way, you will get to know how coaching with me feels and works so you can make an informed decision about working with me.


We decide cooperation develops if it fits both sides and you are motivated to start with me. I am looking forward to meeting you.

I design my coaching for mind, soul and body movement. My clients get into action and move themselves and their routines. They take new paths and map, explore and develop their terrain. The coaching approach is sporty, active, dynamic, and somatic. The body plays a significant role.

Integral Coaching works according to the principle of wholeness. Just as I consider all aspects of being (emotions, thoughts, values, feelings, sensations, relationships, systems, culture, behaviour, habits), I focus the process on all areas of life: Relationships (external and self), work situation, family.

Active listening and clear, understandable communication go hand in hand. Counselling can be respectful and cooperative; the kid gloves come off. Elements such as clarity, simplicity, solution and goal orientation help to identify the path, define achievable steps, and work with focus and energy.

Lead effectively and enthusiastically.