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Communication That Sticks

✔️ Communicate confidently and persuasively.
✔️ Foster psychological safety and trust.
✔️ Give effective feedback for collaboration.
✔️ Create memorable, actionable messages.
✔️ Master body language, storytelling, and visuals.

Learn unconsciously via trial and error, play, and fun in our training. Our group training ensures effective internalization of methods, teamwork, and immediate communication success.

Are you ready to sustainably solve the communication issues with us?

I bet you do. But as an Engineering Manager or Head of Engineering chances are…

❌ you witness misunderstandings due to information overload or lack of communication
❌ that the software engineers you work with explain technical issues in ways non-technical people may not grasp
❌ the conversation partners switch off, don’t ask questions, and draw wrong conclusions resulting in problematic or no solutions.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Foster psychological safety, self-confidence, and being memorable. Encourage self-expression and competence sharing in group settings, promote concise messaging, and inspire engaging communication that sparks participants‘ thinking and enjoyment.

Enhance persuasion with presence, engaging listeners and boosting participant confidence. Evoke positive emotions for quicker results by relieving listeners of overthinking. Improve understanding by simplifying technical subjects, reducing conflicts, and promoting diverse perspectives.

Discover personal self-marketing levers and conquer communication hurdles. Encourage courageous contributions, enhancing self-worth, confidence, and presence. Improve reliable communication, consensus, and understanding. Support each other in getting all the issues on the table.

Use feedback to build trust and enhance collaboration. Participants provide appreciative feedback, strengthening relationships and improving communication and task allocation. Embrace diverse opinions for better decision-making and problem-solving.

Let’s train your people to communicate persuasively.